William Jones – eLearning Programme Manager, One World Learning Ltd

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    William Jones is an eLearning Programme Manager with One World Learning Ltd. He started out his career as a Manufacturing Engineer with Apple Computers, General Instrument, Motorola BV and later with Dell Computers amongst others. William completed a Masters in Advanced Manufacturing and a Post Grad in Applied Computing. He is author of “The Handbook of Modern Manufacturing Techniques” published by Oaktree press. He has been very fortunate to work with some great people and he talks about some of the things he learnt along the way.

    Presentation Title- Sharing knowledge


    The talk will focus on the importance of sharing knowledge throughout the organisation and the role that eLearning can play. eLearning has the ability to deliver a uniform message to a broad range of employees in a very short timeframe.

    The question is: are we making the most of it?



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