Clyde Genie – Brand & Digital Consultant, Bradley Brand & Design

    • Clyde Genie – Brand & Digital Consultant, Bradley Brand & Design's presentations

    Clyde is a Brand & Digital Consultant who works with Bradley Brand & Design helping Irish SMEs differentiate themselves from a crowded market.

    Clyde believes strong brands are not about mastering the new marketing trend of the week, but how well they connect with the customers they are trying to help and communicate their understanding back to them.

    After helping to launch several successful local, regional and national brands, Clyde knows good branding creates dynamic, ever evolving and meaningful relationships with customers. It is these positive connections that help to foster brand loyalty, curiosity and engagement.

    Title: How to Manufacture a Brand

    Synopsis: A brand can mean many things to different people and companies, but how do you develop one that is relevant to your business and customers whilst still driving growth.


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