CWS Boco / Micronclean

CWS-boco is wholly owned by Franz Haniel & Cie. GmbH. Products and services include industrially washable cleanroom and workwear protective clothing, sterile clothing for cleanrooms and a range of washroom and dust mat services for industry. The CWS-boco branded range of Workwear, Washroom, Mopping Systems and Dust Control Mat products can be found in 3,500 Irish businesses in the industrial, retail, services and hospitality sectors.

Micronclean (Ireland) Ltd. which specialises in cleanroom and garment rental, mopping and consumable services is a wholly owned subsidiary of CWS-boco Ireland Ltd. and part of the CWS-boco International Group. Micronclean branded products and services are worn by an estimated 10,000 people daily across 150 Irish cleanrooms.

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